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An Airborn/Skybreaker Community

The Adventures of Matt Cruse and Kate De Vries
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An Airborn/Skyberia community focusing on the series by Kenneth Oppel.

This is a community for fans of Airborn and its sequel Skybreaker by Kenneth Oppel. If you are a fan of one or both of these books, feel free to join and participate in the community!

Here you are welcome to post discussions, book reviews, fanfiction, fanart, and any news about the adventures of Matt Cruse and Kate de Vries.

♣ Be courteous to other fans.
♣ No spamming, bashing, etc.
♣ Stay on topic. If it by the far reaches has nothing to do with even Kenneth Oppel, airships, or the similiar genre of steampunk, it probably doesn't belong in here.
♣ Please spell-check your posts before posting.
♣ Please use a cut if you are posting fanfiction, large pictures, etc.
♣ If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of the mods. We don't bite. Promise.
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